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statesmen. It is that natural desire we all begin
to feel after sixty to sit down comfortably some-
where. Unprogressive tranquillity they want at
any price, even at the price of a preventive war.
This astonishing bunch of rulers has never
revealed any conception whatever of a common
future before its sprawling Empire. There was a
time when that Empire seemed likely to become
the nexus of a world system, but now manifestly
it has no future but disintegration. Apparently
its rulers expected it to go on just as it was for
ever. Bit by bit its component parts have dropped
away and become quasi-independent powers,
generally after an unedifying struggle ; Southern
Ireland for example is neutral in the present war,
South Africa hesitated.
Now, and that is why this book is being written,
these people, by a string of almost incredible
blunders, have entangled what is left of their
Empire in a great war to " end Hitler", and they
have absolutely no suggestion to offer their
antagonists and the world at large, of what is to
come after Hitler. Apparently they hope to para-
lyse Germany in some as yet unspecified fashion
and then to go back to their golf links or the
fishing stream and the doze by the fire after dinner*
That is surely one of the most astounding things
in history, the possibility of death and destruction